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Los Angeles CA

Crane Service Rental in Los Angeles CA

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Dan Kone, the owner/operator of Allied Crane Service Inc., is Los Angeles area's most experienced crane operator. Since its founding in 1987, he has personally completed more than 50,000 crane jobs in SoCal, with a 100% safety record! There are no other operators in the Southern California region who can match his depth of experience, expertise, and perfect safety record in the crane business today.

As a master crane operator and expert rigger, Dan is the ultimate "go-to" guy for difficult jobs that call for extreme precision and technical crane “problem solving.” He is able to do very technically challenging crane assignments in a variety of environments – from mountainous terrain, beach and suburban communities, to densely populated urban areas with very tight space constraints, and high vehicular & pedestrian traffic. Because of his skills and experience, he is able to provide contractors and residential customers very competitive rates, without sacrificing the quality and safety of the lift.

"Why is crane safety the key factor in choosing a crane rental company?"

Because choosing price over quality and safety is not worth the risk to human life and property. The financial and legal consequences of a 'bad lift" can not be taken lightly. When you choose Allied Crane, you know you're getting the best crane operator in Los Angeles. Period. Whether the job is small or big, simple or complex, you'll get Dan Kone himself, not some flunky, johnny-come-lately, inexperienced operator with a few dozen jobs under his belt. How do you think our competition is able to offer you the "lowest cost?" You guessed it right. By hiring cheaper labor. Don't skimp on safety by choosing "the cheapest operator." It's not worth it.

We can't over emphasize how important it is to be careful in choosing a really qualified crane professional for your crane service rental needs in the Los Angeles area. As a professional crane service contractor, we have established Safety Procedures we follow for all our jobs. Safety is our Number One concern! You don't want accidents like this (a recent mishap in Simi Valley) or this (near the Beverly Center) happen to you. Crane failures are not uncommon. In fact there is a website,, that actually monitors this as a separate category of industrial accidents.

Here are some videos that show what can go wrong in a lift. (Warning: These graphic images are not for the squeamish.) Unfortunately, these accidents highlight the importance of choosing a crane operator based on experience and expertise. Remember, just because someone has a license to operate a crane doesn't mean they are any good.

The take-away lesson is. . . Don't choose a crane rental company based on price alone. Pick a skilled crane professional with a perfect safety track record.

Tips on choosing a crane operator... Read what a crane colleague had to say about what to look for in a crane operator. It's extremely useful advice:

"Seat-time, seat-time and MORE seat-time! That's it in a nutshell. Or at least that's how it was a few years ago... But now, with the way the work in construction trades has all but slowed to a crawl, MOST contractors are looking to hire the cheapest, dumbest, do-anything-he-tells-em-to-do-know-nothing bootlickers, that he can possibly find. Here in The States you won't even have to speak English or have a green card either... until you get caught.

Been kicking around this forum for about a year now and I can't figure out why everyone wants to be a crane op these days! Because I've worked cranes for over 20 yrs now and believe me when I tell you--- there is practically NO WORK to be had right now. Those lucky few who are employed in the trade are MOSTLY either family members of the boss or the worst kind of scab-rat-bootlicker there ever was, and there's practically nothing in between.

This trade lost it's pride and prestige when they made it so that anybody can take 2 weeks of class, learn to catch a hook, and then give 'em a crane license. It's so easy now that in our Local, EVERYBODY IS A FREAKIN CERTIFIED crane operator! And when I see these guys on the job and watch them work, it's like an apprentice class all over the place. And whats even more astounding is that some of these greenhorns don't even know the difference between a basket and a choke hitch--- and to them--- it doesn't even matter! No apologies for the flaming--- BUT that is the new reality!"

And here's another opinion...

"Rigging knowledge, hand/eye coordination, excellent depth perception, common sense, be safety minded and most important...have patience and never take chance or make an assumption regarding rigging, crane capabilities or crane set up.  A crane operator has to have the same manual dexterity as that of a pilot. As an operator, the safety of the people working with or near the crane is your responsibility. Just as the passengers on a plane are the pilot's. You NEVER allow someone to entice you to do something you're not comfortable with. A good operator will refuse to put his or others' well being in harms way. If you try to "cowboy" or "showboat" on a crane, you'll screw up...eventually. There are 2 types of operators.  True operators and those claiming to be an operator.  26 years in the seat, I've seen very few "True ops."
(An aside: We've worked all over the L.A. area and had the honor of serving the communities in and around Los Angeles county. This is a list of the districts and neighborhoods of the city of Los Angeles, California, organized by region. Here's another source for the various communities in L.A. we've worked in. This is a great resource describing the diverse neighborhoods in LA county from the L.A. Times. Here's a list of counties in and around Los Angeles that we have served. It provides data for population density and other demographic/geographic information relevant to the construction trade.)

Recent Jobs in Los Angeles

We will be sharing some pictures of completed projects in the near future, categorized by job (e.g., HVAC, construction, residential etc.).

Here are some of the areas we serve: Alhambra, Arcadia, Baldwin Park, Beach Cities, Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Burbank, Commerce, Covina, Culver City, Downtown L.A., El Monte, Glendale, Industry, Long Beach, Monrovia, Montebello, Monterey Park, North Hollywood, Orange County, Pacific Palisades, Palos Verdes, Pasadena, Rolling Hills, San Gabriel Valley, Santa Monica, Sierra Madre, South Bay, Torrance, Valencia, Van Nuys, West Covina, West Hollywood, West L.A., Westwood. While we are based in L.A., we have had many clients from Orange County all the way to Ventura. Please call us. We would love to help you on your project!